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  • How To Easily Sell Your Photographs - And Make Big Money
    Icon-student 695 Icon-time 51 min
    How To Easily Sell Your Photographs - And ...
    Selling your photo's - for good money, paid monthly recurring - is now easier than ever. This course, from international journalist and photographer Alun Hill, shows you, in simple easy to follow stages, exactly how! Even if you're a beginner at photography, the simple improvements he shows will make an instant difference and mean your pictures can be selling within days. If you're an experienced photographer, the tips, techniques and contacts included will increase your income dramatically.
    Alun Hill
    Make Money, Photography, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, photographs
  • Get Indexed In Google Very Quickly - A Secret Method!
    Icon-student 306 Icon-time 2 min
    Get Indexed In Google Very Quickly - A Sec...
    Your website is built, it's perfect and ready to show the world. But how do you get it listed in Google as quickly as possible? Here's a very little known way that works very quickly.
    Alun Hill
  • Webhosting Secrets Revealed
    Icon-student 213 Icon-time 7 min
    Webhosting Secrets Revealed
    Everything you need to know about web hosting space online for your website, email etc, explained by Alun Hill, in video format. Within 7 minutes, you'll be an expert!
    Alun Hill
    Web Hosting
  • Excel Shortcuts - 10 Simple But Little Known Tips
    Icon-student 182 Icon-time 6 min
    Excel Shortcuts - 10 Simple But Little Kno...
    Microsoft Excel has some excellent shortcuts - but the best ones are not very well known! Learn 10 very easy to use shortcuts - save hours every week!
    Alun Hill
  • Google Analytics
    Icon-student 105 Icon-time 32 min
    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics - powerful but complicated? Yes, but now you can simply, quickly and easily understand it after taking this video course. You'll quickly understand setting up Google Analytics accounts, customizing the interface to suit you, adding users and defining goals.
    Alun Hill
  • Excel - Advanced Tips
    Icon-student 128 Icon-time 4 min
    Excel - Advanced Tips
    5 advanced tips for Microsoft Excel - these tips will save you hours each and every week - and they're easy to learn and implement! Each is explained in this short video course.
    Alun Hill
  • Video Marketing Secrets Revealed!
    Icon-student 149 Icon-time 6 min
    Video Marketing Secrets Revealed!
    Marketing your business via video will increase your sales. It's as simple as that. According to Facebook, having a video in your Facebook post will generate a whopping 100% more engagement than just a plain text post. Your website is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google if you have a video on it. And, in this detailed, video, we show you how!
    Alun Hill
    Any Video Software, Getting Website Visitors, Make Money, Make Money Online, Online Marketing, Video Editing, Video Marketing, Video creation
  • YouTube Channel Art
    Icon-student 133 Icon-time 6 min
    YouTube Channel Art
    Clear, unique, YouTube Channel Art will really help your channel stand out form the millions of competing YouTube channels. But YouTube doesn't offer any help in creating one. This video shows you how to make perfect YouTube Channel Art - quickly, easily and effectively!
    Alun Hill
  • How To Organize Your Computer
    Icon-student 106 Icon-time 10 min
    How To Organize Your Computer
    A nine minute video to help you organize your computer - making your life simpler and your work much more efficient. Very easy to follow along with the video. Improve your computer skills today!
    Alun Hill
    Anti Virus, Computer Training, Safety, Security, Virus
  • Web Hosting? Things You Must Know Revealed
    Icon-student 120 Icon-time 9 min
    Web Hosting? Things You Must Know Revealed
    There are a few things that you MUST know about before you choose "webhosting" - the space for your website. In this short video, your host Alun Hill reveals the pitfalls - and offers some simple solutions.
    Alun Hill
    Web Design
  • Infographics - The Easy Way! No Experience, No Software!
    Icon-student 300 Icon-time 8 min
    Infographics - The Easy Way! No Experience...
    Infographics. Difficult, aren't they? Well, no, actually ... if you follow this short introductory course. We show you how to make really advanced looking, powerful, fully professional infographics in just a few short minutes.
    Alun Hill
  • Facebook Advertising - An Introduction
    Icon-student 128 Icon-time 6 min
    Facebook Advertising - An Introduction
    Advertising on Facebook can be very profitable - if you do it right. As an introduction to Facebook ads, this video course shows you the basics. There is also a longer, more detailed, more advanced, course here on Skillfeed called "Facebook Marketing: Get Clients - And Make Money Working For Clients!"
    Alun Hill
    Facebook, Getting Website Visitors, Make Money, Make Money Online, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media
  • Domain Name Secrets Revealed
    Icon-student 69 Icon-time 7 min
    Domain Name Secrets Revealed
    Are you setting up a domain name? .com. .org. .whatever! Confusing, isn't it! Learn the secrets in this short but comprehensive video - and become an instant expert!
    Alun Hill
  • Cut Out The Background From A Photo - Photoshop NOT Required!
    Icon-student 115 Icon-time 7 min
    Cut Out The Background From A Photo - Phot...
    So, you need to cut out the background from a photo? A real pain to do - even in Photoshop! Here's how to do it online - in seconds and with no experience at all!
    Alun Hill
  • FTP Secrets Revealed - How To Upload Files To The Internet
    Icon-student 63 Icon-time 5 min
    FTP Secrets Revealed - How To Upload Files...
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is something you must master, as it's an essential tool for uploading files to the internet. In this short video, your host Alun Hill explains 2 ways to easily do this - including the use of a wonderful program called Filezilla. Everything is carefully and simply explained - and you'll be an ftp expert in about 10 minutes!
    Alun Hill
    FTP, Programming
  • Learn How To Create A My-Sql Database - Easily
    Icon-student 84 Icon-time 4 min
    Learn How To Create A My-Sql Database - Ea...
    My-Sql database are a must for modern websites - but can be complicated - and mistakes can be very costly .. Your host Alun Hill shows you, in plain and simple language with accompanying video, how to easily create one. You'll be an expert in about 5 minutes from now!
    Alun Hill
  • Advanced Image Editing For Wordpress
    Icon-student 108 Icon-time 6 min
    Advanced Image Editing For Wordpress
    You may have spotted the (recently introduced) Wordpress Image Editor. But have you discovered the hidden gems in the "advanced" tab? This video shows you a few tricks to make your Wordpress images even more fantastic.
    Alun Hill
  • Audacity - Sound Editing Made Easy!
    Icon-student 112 Icon-time 6 min
    Audacity - Sound Editing Made Easy!
    Audacity is the number 1 sound recording and editing program - and its free! In this simple walkthrough, you can see all of the functions, which are easily and simply explained
    Alun Hill
  • Reduce Your Video Size Easily. Video Compression Easy And Free!
    Icon-student 69 Icon-time 5 min
    Reduce Your Video Size Easily. Video Compr...
    Video files can be huge - and can take a long time to upload, too! Using the free "Handbrake" program however, makes your files much smaller, but with no visible loss of quality. This video shows you how to use the features of Handbrake to get the very best results.
    Alun Hill
  • Free Internet Rankings Checker  - Check Your Site ... And Your Competitors!
    Icon-student 98 Icon-time 4 min
    Free Internet Rankings Checker - Check Yo...
    Alexa is a great, free, tool to get more information about your website - how you rank on the internet search engines, how fast your site is running, any problems - and it's a free program. However, you can also use it to "spy" on your competitors - and beat them online .. This video shows you how!
    Alun Hill
  • YouTube Secrets: How I Make $2,000 A Month - With No Filming
    Icon-student 330 Icon-time 3 hr 36 min
    YouTube Secrets: How I Make $2,000 A Month...
    YouTube Secrets: See how I make $2,000 a month, every month - with no filming! In just 3 hours from now you will have learnt the secrets to making $2,000 a month on YouTube with no camera or equipment!
    Alun Hill
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