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Frequently Asked Questions

    About Skillfeed
  • What is Skillfeed?
    Skillfeed is an online marketplace for educational content. Our “all-you-can-learn” platform supports multidisciplinary skill learning and sharing with a monthly subscription. Learn or fine-tune your creative or technical skills effortlessly. We’ve got fresh video tutorials that offer either a cursory glance or in-depth look at a variety of topics. Our hand-selected contributors include passionate industry professionals and experts from around the world, who are excited to share their knowledge with you .
  • What type of content does Skillfeed offer?
    Skillfeed provides instructional videos to help you hone your skills, advance in your career, or embark on new vocational paths. Our content is created by industry professionals and experts who have the same questions and aspirations you do. Tutorials range from comprehensive courses to Skill Snacks. Comprehensive courses are longer in length, cover a subject from beginning to end, and will allow you to learn an entirely new skill. Skill Snacks are short video tutorials that teach quick tips and tricks. Subjects include 3D + Motion Graphics, Audio, Business, Design, Mobile, Photography, VIdeo, Web Development, and more. More info on our tutorial topics here. Explore our most popular topics!
  • Customers
  • How does Skillfeed work?
    We offer over 30,000 video tutorials that range from Comprehensive Courses to Skill Snacks which are short video tutorials that focus on quick tips and tricks. Browse Skillfeed’s tutorials by subject and topic categories here. Within the categories, narrow your search when you filter by software type, skill level, and video duration. If a course tickles your fancy, you can read the tutorial description, learn about the instructor, and preview 30 seconds of the video to get a quick snapshot. New users can sign up for a 7-day FREE trial and take as many courses or Skill Snacks as they want, for FREE.
  • How does the Free Trial work?
    When you sign up for a , you get 7 days of unlimited access to every single course on Skillfeed, including:

    • Over 1000 stream-only video courses to help you learn or fine-tune creative and technical skills
    • Access to downloadable project files such as an instructor’s course materials, which are yours to keep – forever
    • Fresh courses added daily, taught by dedicated industry professionals and experts who want to help you further your career.
  • Can I cancel my account?
    Absolutely! You are free to cancel at anytime in your “Account & Billing” section. You can come back and reactivate whenever you’re ready. If you have questions or concerns, we are happy to help. Please contact customer support and we will get back to you within one business day.
  • How can I contact customer support?
    Please visit our support desk to contact us. We promise to get back to you within one business day.
  • Instructors
  • Why should I upload content to Skillfeed?
    When you submit courses, we will help you earn money, reach a broader audience and build your brand as an instructor. What’s great is you are absolutely free to leave your content up elsewhere. Since we don’t claim exclusive rights over any of your content, you can think of us as an additional income stream for your work. Our team at Shutterstock has experience building marketplaces that today generate tens of millions of dollars for content creators, so we know how to make contributors successful. Our goal is to bring that same model to online training by marketing your content to the world. We hope you will join us!
  • What kinds of courses should I upload?
    You can submit anything that teaches creative, technical and other career-building skills that will help someone become better at their job. Skillfeed instructors teach subjects that range from graphic design and photography, to video editing, web development, motion graphics and online marketing. We strongly believe that the most valuable instruction comes from the instructors who are extremely comfortable and passionate about what they are teaching. Therefore, we encourage you to create and publish your best instructional content. We will do the work marketing it and then let customers decide what they like best. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our contributor community manager at
  • What lengths and course formats does Skillfeed support?
    You can create both long and short-form video courses. We organize courses into two categories: 'Comprehensive Courses' (>20 minutes) and 'Skill Snacks' (<20 minutes). Comprehensive courses are typically split into multiple chapters or contain multiple videos. Skill Snacks are shorter and tend to outline a specific technique, trick or concept. They range from courses that have one 5-minute video, to courses with a few short videos. You can accompany any of your courses with downloadable project files that viewers can use to follow along.
  • How do I become an instructor?
    We’ve made it super easy. Just go here to sign up.. You can start uploading content right away! Once you’ve signed up, you can watch this course.
  • How much does it cost to become a contributor?
    Absolutely nothing. Our goal is to pay YOU!
  • How much do I get paid for my work?
    Instructors earn a share of Skillfeed's revenue, based on the popularity of their content. Here is how earnings are calculated: Each month, 30% of Skillfeed's revenue is allocated to instructor earnings. The remaining 70% is used to invest in Skillfeed's mission to help instructors reach the broadest possible audience, with the primary focus being on marketing instructors' courses and building and maintaining a platform that makes it easy to discover and enjoy helpful instructional videos. The portion of Skillfeed's revenue that is set aside for instructors is allocated based on each instructor's portion of Skillfeed's total monthly minutes viewed, by both paid and trial subscribers. As subscribers view videos throughout the month, Skillfeed keeps track of whose videos subscribers are watching, and then calculates each instructor's portion of the total. Instructors can track their number of minutes in the Instructor Dashboard We know that instructors care most about the total amount that they earn each month, and we view this as the most important indicator of instructor success. The amount that is earned "per minute viewed" will fluctuate from month to month based on factors such as the number of free trial subscribers we are able to attract that month and how well we are able to encourage subscribers to take courses they might not otherwise have viewed. As such, an increase or decrease in the amount earned per minute viewed is not usually a helpful indicator of instructor success.
  • Can I put my content up in other places if I upload it to Skillfeed?
    Of course. You own your content, we are just here to help you make the most of it! One of the things we have learned is that content creators like you don't want to locked in by any one partner. You can sell your content anywhere you would like - our goal is to be your best performing channel, and the place you think of first.
  • When do I get paid?
    Once you fill out your PayPal Information and give us the appropriate tax form, we will send you a payment on the 15th of each month for your previous month's earnings.
  • What video file formats do you accept?
    All video formats are accepted (.mp4, .mov, etc). 720p is the ideal size. For more details, please check out our guide on video upload requirements